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EHS Mobile Application

Manage Vera Suite From Anywhere
Incidents and accidents rarely happen at your desk. Use Vera Suite’s mobile technology to access the tools and information you need, where you need it.

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The Power of Vera Suite On Your Mobile Device.

Vera Suite’s EHS mobile application gives you access to key EHS and Sales F&I Compliance features in Vera Suite anywhere through your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. This lets you easily record and track incidents, complete training, conduct self-inspections, and follow up on corrective and preventive actions.

The Vera Suite EHS mobile app provides real-time access to key components of your safety and compliance programs – even when you’re offline.

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With the EHS Mobile Application for Vera Suite:

  • View and monitor your Compliance Dashboard in real-time
  • Conduct on-the-spot inspections & assign issues for resolution
  • Attach photos of issues
  • Capture incidents, accidents, and near-misses where and when they occur
  • Complete online compliance training or record your on-site training attendees and upload rosters
  • Access Safety Data Sheets anywhere, anytime 
  • Quickly lookup KPA Inspection Codes
  • Access offline even without an internet  connection
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The Benefits For You and Your Business

Time Savings – Reduce the time required to conduct reliable audits and inspections.

Greater Visibility – Access and monitor compliance data across multiple locations.

Response Immediacy – Quickly review issues and closeout corrective actions.

Consistency – Use pre-built checklists or build your own to ensure consistency as you capture potential issues.

Convenience – Document and record accidents where and when they happen.

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Hassle-Free Audits & Inspections

Would you describe your audit and inspection process as flexible, convenient, and consistent? 

KPA’s Vera EHS mobile-friendly audit and inspection tools can make them just that. 

Configure inspection checklists to meet your specific facility requirements, choose from KPA’s library of over 50 pre-built inspection templates, or start with a template and make it your own—they’re flexible like that.

Convert your existing, paper-based checklists or Excel spreadsheets into online inspection templates—tracking the audit and inspection questions that matter to you has never been so convenient.  

Ensure all audits and inspections, across all your locations, are being completed using the same questionnaire at the appropriate cadence—the consistency you need to report accurately on trends.

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Award-Winning Safety and Compliance Training

Give your employees access to KPA’s award-winning safety and compliance training anywhere, anytime – on their mobile device. 

KPA’s expansive library of over 400 EHS, HR, and F&I training courses will help them make safer, smarter, and more customer-friendly decisions every day. 

Workforce Compliance Training
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EHS Mobile App Datasheet

The KPA mobile app provides
real-time access to key components of your safety and compliance programs—even when you’re offline.

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