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Resource Management

Customize, store and share with your teams an unlimited library of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, video resources. Typical resources include standard operating procedures, employee handbooks, safety data sheets, emergency contact lists, client policy documents, and more.

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Resource Library

Access over 180 pre-written policies, procedures, posters, and “Toolbox Talks” training content. Written by KPA’s expert content developers, the resource library covers complex OSHA regulatory topics such as emergency response, equipment safety, hazard communication, injury and illness prevention, and much more.  Customize any template to meet your business requirements. You can also upload your own existing content as needed.

KPA EHS Resource Library

Search and Organize

Organize your documents with tags – much like folders except that a resource could be in multiple folders. For example, you might tag an SDS sheet as “SDS” and as “Houston” if the document is specifically for the Houston team. Perform text-searches that query the document title as well as the body of the pdf itself.

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Mobile Access

Employees in the field or on the go can access resources through the mobile app. This provides a quick and easy way to search the library and find/view the correct document.

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EHS Checklist

Your business is subject to many operational, regulatory, and compliance risks. This checklist itemizes some of the documents, training, and procedures that are required by many state and federal agencies
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Offline Resources

For high-priority documents, you can check the “offline access” box. The apps will automatically download “offline” resources in the background so they will be available in the future – even if no connectivity is available. By default, background downloads are only performed on WiFi connections but this can be changed to “cellular data”.

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Revision History

Documents change over time, so the KPA EHS resource library will keep a revision history of every document including who changed it, when it changed, the change description, version number, and more. You can run a log report to see all changes to your resource library over time.


You decide which employees can view resources using tag permissions. For a team member to view a specific resource, they must have permission to view each of its tags. It doesn’t have to be complicated though – you could create an “Admin Only” tag and then only admins could view resources with that tag.


Configurable EHS Software

Tailor KPA EHS software to the requirements of your safety program. Improve safety and increase productivity with an all-in-one system designed to engage your employees, instill a culture of safety, and enable regulatory compliance.

The best feature is that all of our safety policies, procedures, and guidelines as well as a host of other information is accessible to every employee via their smartphone. We switched to KPA EHS because we wanted to consolidate all our safety data and resources in one area that could be easily accessed and easy to use.

Richard G, Site Safety Manager, Telecommunications Industry

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