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Anti-Harassment Training


KPA’s online HR training defines unlawful harassment in the workplace as well as how to recognize, prevent, and appropriately report it. It meets requirements in all 50 states including CA (SB1343 and SB1300), CT, and NY. 

Ethics in the Workplace


For all employees and management, this online HR training covers the benefits of ethical behavior in the workplace and specific ways to demonstrate it. HRCI Credit Hours: 1 (HR General)

Abusive Workplace Conduct Prevention


KPA’s online HR training for Abusive Workplace Conduct Prevention defines abusive conduct and explores strategies for dealing with it. This training includes the adverse effects, how to recognize abuse in the workplace, how to report it, and ways everyone can improve the environment. HRCI Credit Hours: 1 (HR General)

silhouetted male considering abusive workplace conduct prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention (including active shooter response)


KPA’s online HR training on Workplace Violence Prevention discusses types of workplace violence and how to respond to disgruntled employees, active shootings, bomb threats, and suspicious packages as well as exploring prevention strategies. HRCI Credit Hours: 1
(HR General)

Workplace Violence Prevention Training
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