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Back Injury Prevention


KPA’s online EHS training helps reduce the frequency of back injuries in the workplace. It covers back anatomy, back injuries, injury avoidance, and injury prevention.

Back Injury Prevention Video Training

DOT Hazardous Materials Training


KPA’s online training for EHS covers the requirements for transporting hazardous materials in accordance with DOT standards for general industries. It satisfies General Awareness, Safety Training, and Security Awareness Training requirements.

DOT Hazardous Materials Training

Emergency Response


This online EHS training describes general response procedures associated with the following types of emergencies: fires, explosions, facility evacuations, spill response, chemical overexposure, and natural disasters.

Emergency Response Training

Federal Hazardous Waste Management


Our online training for EHS satisfies Federal EPA requirements for handling hazardous waste at a facility. It includes hazardous waste regulations, waste determination, generator status, storage, labels, inspections, accumulation limits, and waste pickup.

Hazardous Waste Materials Training

Hazard Communication


Compliant with OHSA’s Hazard Communication Standard, this online training for EHS addresses hazard communication programs, chemical container labeling, safety data sheets (SDSs), safety precautions, and first aid.

Hazard Communication Training

AC 609: Working with MVAC Systems


This EPA-certified training for EHS provides a general overview of AC 609 MVAC systems, including environmental effects and other hazards. It includes information on recovering, recycling, and recharging pure refrigerant as well as information on R-1234yf. 

AC 609 Working with MVAC Systems Training

Heat Illness Prevention


Our online EHS training for the automotive industry discusses heat illness types, risk factors, symptoms, and correct responses as well as heat illness prevention strategies.

Heat Illness Prevention Training

Safe Driving


This training provides information on safe driving habits, which include defensive driving, accident response, and the consequences of poor driving habits such as texting, reading, and tailgating. 

Safe Driving Training

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention


This online EHS training discusses how to avoid and prevent potential slip, trip, and fall hazards in the workplace, including effective strategies and best practices.

Slips, trips, and falls training
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