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Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Brochure

The Clean Water Act requires a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) program for organizations that work with large amounts of oil. KPA has written over 3,000 of these programs, and we can help you with yours.
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KPA Virtual F&I Compliance Brochure

Our virtual F&I compliance solutions will help you develop compliant sales processes, train sales and finance teams, safeguard consumer information, and maintain clean deal jackets—all to help you minimize risk and maximize profits.
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Wildfire Smoke Safety Program

KPA's Wildfire Smoke Safety Program is designed for employers - especially those in states where drought conditions lead to wildfires - to keep employees safe during unhealthy wildfire smoke situations.
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Cyber Security Training Brochure

In today’s data-rich environment, you may have the most high-tech security deployed to your systems. However, if your workforce isn’t up to speed, you’re neglecting your most important protection. Protect your business and safeguard your data with KPA's cyber security training.
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F&I Solutions for California Dealerships

Protect your dealership from regulatory fines and legal actions with KPA's (F&I) compliance solutions.
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KPA EHS Software Solution Brief for Construction

KPA EHS software helps construction companies, establish and implement a safety program, and act in real-time to keep worksites safe and employees productive.
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Vera EHS for Marine Dealerships

KPA‘s comprehensive safety solutions for marine dealers provides the right combination of consulting services, EHS software, and online training. Increase profit and reduce liability with KPA’s comprehensive EHS solutions. Download Today.
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Incident Management Datasheet

KPA can help with our real-time incident management tools that provide the data dealerships need to track incidents as they occur and provide the information needed to make informed decisions to help prevent them from reoccurring. Learn more, download KPA's Incident Management Datasheet today.
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State-Specific Anti-Harassment Training

Our Multi-State training is the core of our complete Anti-Harassment training solution. It conveys topics through interactive and engaging videos and activities. Download the Anti-Harassment Training Datasheet to see the courses KPA offers and the various state requirements they meet.
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