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Case Study: Feature-Rich Software Boosts Productivity For Express Energy Services

"KPA EHS has been a game-changer. It's given us the ability to react quickly to incidents, making our management and leadership team aware in real-time." -Jeanna Kelly, Express Energy Services Employee Development Manager
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KPA Case Study Express Energy Thumbnail

Automation Plus Mobile Capabilities Equals Savings for 3S

Download this case study to learn how 3S Services uses KPA EHS as its secret weapon for maintaining a safe and productive workplace.
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KPA - 3S Automation Equals Savings Case Study Cover

Auto Dealer Profitability and Safety at Kelly BMW

With KPA’s help, auto dealership Kelly BMW is a safe place to work and the direct and indirect savings from lower workers comp costs to fewer days missed to lower equipment repair costs have helped the dealership improve the bottom line.
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Dallas Retirement Village Case Study

Learn how Dallas Retirement Village was able to streamline its human resources processes at every stage of the employment lifecycle including recruiting, applicant tracking, documentation, performance management, and more with Vera HR.
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KPA Case Study Dallas Retirement Village Cover

Steel Manufacturer, ELLWOOD and KPA's Industry Specific Training

ELLWOOD invests in “newer, safer, and more productive equipment” to best serve their customers and protect their employees. Download this case study to learn how ELLWOOD tackled the challenge of efficiently and effectively training their workforce across 25 locations with KPA's Subscription to Safety platform.
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KPA - Ellwood Group Case Study Cover

Plumbing Contractor Uses KPA Training and Inspection Services to Stay OSHA Compliant

Download this case study to learn how plumbing contractor L.G. Ellis Plumbing was able to achieve an excellent workplace safety record with KPA’s award-winning training program and expert consulting solutions to protect its people from harm and its business from OSHA penalties.
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KPA Case Study LG Ellis Cover

Charps Drives Regional Expansion While Downsizing their Safety Training Expenses

Learn how Charps reduced their new-hire training expenses and improved safety training with the help of KPA.
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Case Study Charps cover

Dick Hannah Dealerships Seeks Improved Safety Outcomes with KPA

Learn how Dick Hannah sees better safety and compliance outcomes, along with a stronger organizational culture with the help of KPA.
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Case Study With KPA Dick Hanna Creates a People-Focused Safety Culture

Courtesy Case Study

Learn how KPA’s F&I Compliance audit services help Courtesy Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram establish better workplace habits to stay ahead of ever-changing regulations.
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Case Study with KPA Compliance Audits
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