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Don’t let OSHA recordkeeping requirements take more time and energy than necessary. Complete and file OSHA Forms 301, 300, and 300A quickly and accurately with Vera EHS.

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When you log a recordable injury in Vera EHS, the system automatically fills out an equivalent 301 Report based on your input. Within the same platform, you can also access blank OSHA 300 and 300A Forms to fill out and post in a public space.

OSHA Form 301

The basic incident report after a workplace injury or illness. This form collects information about the particulars of an event: the time and location of the incident, which employee or employees were involved, what occurred before and after the incident, the physician or health care professional who tended to the employee or employees, and so forth.
OSHA Form 301

OSHA Form 300

An annual log of recordable cases. Every incident that requires Form 301 must also be included on that year’s Form 300. For each reportable incident, the form logs the name of the injured employee, the employee’s job title, the date and location of the injury, the kind of injury that occurred, and a brief description of the event. Form 300 also includes boxes to check for cases that involved death, time away from work, and job transfers.

OSHA Form 300A

A summary of all cases recorded on Form 300 for a given year. Total work-related injuries and illnesses are tallied and categorized according to severity: deaths, cases with days away from work, cases with job transfers/restrictions, and other recordable cases. The form also shows the total number of missed work days and job transfers/restrictions, as well as the total numbers of incident types.
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KPA website is very easy to use… I’m able to load my injuries and it keeps track for me to print my OSHA log when needed.

Nashae M. – Business Manager

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