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EHS & Workforce Compliance Training

Compliance can’t happen without training. And success in business can’t happen without a workforce educated in industry regulations, internal policies, safety, ethics, and employment law.

KPA offers award-winning training courses designed to help employees improve their performance on the job. Scenario-based learning modules educate learners on the laws and regulations that apply to their jobs. Our courses feature high-level interactivity and video-based content designed to hold learners’ interest and keep them engaged. 
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Check out a sample of our most popular compliance training titles.

Our compliance experts would be happy to help you choose the titles that will best protect your organization.

Safe Driving


This training provides information on safe driving habits, which include defensive driving, accident response, and the consequences of poor driving habits such as texting, reading, and tailgating. 

Safe Driving Training

Reputation Management and Complaint Resolution


KPA’s online training for F&I walks through the benefits of maintaining a good reputation for a business as well as how to reduce the occurrence of customer complaints. It also outlines the basic steps of managing and resolving a customer complaint.

Computer monitor with a screen shot of the reputation management training inlay-ed on the screen

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention


This online EHS training discusses how to avoid and prevent potential slip, trip, and fall hazards in the workplace, including effective strategies and best practices.

Slips, trips, and falls training

Red Flags Rule


Our online F&I training provides information on the Red Flags Rule, including how to detect, respond to, and report Red Flags at a dealership. This training is compliant at the federal level as well as for the state of California.

Red Flag Rule Training

Abusive Workplace Conduct Prevention


KPA’s online HR training for Abusive Workplace Conduct Prevention defines abusive conduct and explores strategies for dealing with it. This training includes the adverse effects, how to recognize abuse in the workplace, how to report it, and ways everyone can improve the environment. HRCI Credit Hours: 1 (HR General)

silhouetted male considering abusive workplace conduct prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention (including active shooter response)


KPA’s online HR training on Workplace Violence Prevention discusses types of workplace violence and how to respond to disgruntled employees, active shootings, bomb threats, and suspicious packages as well as exploring prevention strategies. HRCI Credit Hours: 1
(HR General)

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Spanish Content

Many of our HR and Safety courses are available in Spanish, making it easy for you to keep your Spanish-speaking workforce trained and up-to-date, and maximize compliance throughout your organization.

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On-Demand Course Availability

Course development supports best practices in the field, using the ADDIE model of instructional design—the standard guideline for building effective online training.

Personal Protective Equipment

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