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EHS & Workforce Compliance Training

Compliance can’t happen without training. And success in business can’t happen without a workforce educated in industry regulations, internal policies, safety, ethics, and employment law.

KPA offers award-winning training courses designed to help employees improve their performance on the job. Scenario-based learning modules educate learners on the laws and regulations that apply to their jobs. Our courses feature high-level interactivity and video-based content designed to hold learners’ interest and keep them engaged. 
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Check out a sample of our most popular compliance training titles.

Our compliance experts would be happy to help you choose the titles that will best protect your organization.

Federal Hazardous Waste Management


Our online training for EHS satisfies Federal EPA requirements for handling hazardous waste at a facility. It includes hazardous waste regulations, waste determination, generator status, storage, labels, inspections, accumulation limits, and waste pickup.

Hazardous Waste Materials Training

Hazard Communication


Compliant with OHSA’s Hazard Communication Standard, this online training for EHS addresses hazard communication programs, chemical container labeling, safety data sheets (SDSs), safety precautions, and first aid.

AC 609: Working with MVAC Systems


This EPA-certified training for EHS provides a general overview of AC 609 MVAC systems, including environmental effects and other hazards. It includes information on recovering, recycling, and recharging pure refrigerant as well as information on R-1234yf. 

AC 609 Working with MVAC Systems Training

Heat Illness Prevention


Our online EHS training for the automotive industry discusses heat illness types, risk factors, symptoms, and correct responses as well as heat illness prevention strategies.

Heat Illness Prevention Training

IRS Section 8300: Cash Transaction Reporting


Our online training for F&I walks through the requirements surrounding cash transaction reporting. This training describes the steps of completing IRS Form 8300 and includes practical advice for dealers to avoid common pitfalls that lead to fines.

IRS Section 8300 Cash Transaction Reporting Training

Levantamiento Seguro


Este curso de capacitación incluye información sobre la importancia de levantar objetos de forma segura, las causas de las molestias y lesiones de espalda, y las posturas y técnicas de levantamiento correctas, con un enfoque en la prevención de lesiones.

Levantamiento Seguro Training

Prevención de Conducta Abusiva en el Lugar de Trabajo


Este curso de capacitación define las conductas abusivas y explora estrategias para manejarlas. Incluye los efectos negativos, cómo reconocerlas, cómo reportarlas y las maneras en que todo el mundo puede mejorar el entorno laboral.

Abusiva Lugar De Trabajo Conducta Prevencion Training

Safe Driving


This training provides information on safe driving habits, which include defensive driving, accident response, and the consequences of poor driving habits such as texting, reading, and tailgating. 

Safe Driving Training

Spanish Content

Many of our HR and Safety courses are available in Spanish, making it easy for you to keep your Spanish-speaking workforce trained and up-to-date, and maximize compliance throughout your organization.

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Industry-Specific Safety Training for Manufacturers

KPA’s Multimedia Training Systems delivers a complete safety training program designed to help prevent injuries and fatalities in the steel, plastics, concrete, and asphalt manufacturing industries.

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