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The Safety Meeting Podcast

Gather ‘round and join KPA for this week’s Safety Meeting, the podcast that makes you smarter about current trends and best practices in workforce safety.

On The Safety Meeting we are joined by industry experts to chat about all things safety, from OSHA reporting to holistic workplace well-being. Be sure to catch our newest episode to hear the tips and tricks for maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

Join our host, Sage Appel, as she chats with a wide range of people focused on helping companies stay safe.

The Latest Episodes

the safety meeting rob stansbury
The Insurance Broker’s Role in Employer-Driven Safety: An Interview with KPA’s Rob Stansbury

On this episode of The Safety Meeting, we discuss the role that insurance brokers play in employer driven safety.

the safety meeting alaina adair
Automating Your Safety Metrics: An Interview with KPA’s Alaina Adair

On this episode of The Safety Meeting, we discuss how automating your safety metrics helps alleviate stress, save time, and minimize frustration.

the safety meeting craig downey
Staying Compliant with Safety Regulations: An Interview with KPA’s Craig Downey

On this episode of The Safety Meeting, we discuss keeping your safety policies and training up to date, backing these up with documentation, and using audits to keep your programs in check. Listen in!

the safety meeting wayne curtis
Working With Electric Vehicles: An Interview with KPA’s Wayne Curtis

On this episode of The Safety Meeting, we discuss the rise of electric vehicles and how dealerships can address EV safety concerns. Listen in!

the safety meeting dale golgart
Work Smarter Not Harder: An Interview with KPA’s Dale Golgart

On this episode of The Safety Meeting, Sage speaks with Dale Golgart, Senior Sales Associate at KPA, to explain how utilizing a safety software can simplify your work as a safety leader within your company.

the safety meeting jill shawn
Cultivating a Healthy Workplace: An Interview with KPA’s Jill Schaefer & Shawn Smith

On this episode of The Safety Meeting, Sage speaks with Jill Schaefer and Shawn Smith about how creating a healthy work environment goes beyond physical workplace safety.

the safety meeting micah
Curbing Heat Illness: An Interview with KPA’s Micah O’Shaughnessy

This week on The Safety Meeting, Sage and Micah discuss preparing for the hot summer months by understanding the signs of heat illness and implementing basic precautionary measures to prevent it in the first place.

the safety meeting greg sizemore
Safety from the Ground Up: An Interview with ABC’s Greg Sizemore

This week on The Safety Meeting, Sage welcomes back Greg Sizemore, Vice President of health, safety, environment, and workforce development for ABC, to share the findings from the 2022 Safety Performance Report.

the safety meeting chris fanning 2
Taking a Holistic Approach to EHS and ESG: An Interview with KPA’s CEO, Chris Fanning

In this week’s episode, tune in to hear how adopting a holistic approach to safety training will better implement safety-driven cultural change in the long run.

the safety meeting ryan daly
Dealership F&I Hot Topics: An Interview with Ryan Daly

On today’s episode, Sage is joined by F&I expert, Ryan Daly, who is an F&I district manager for KPA. Ryan and I discuss what best practices dealerships can use in order to stay compliant and avoid expensive violations.

the safety meeting greg sizemore
Consistency in Safety Practices: An Interview with ABC’s Greg Sizemore

This week we chat about committing to the safety of your workers, laying the foundation for your safety programs, and believing that people matter above all else.

the safety meetingzach pucillo
What OSHA’s Focusing on in 2022 – An Interview with KPA’s Zach Pucillo

On today’s episode, Zach Pucillo joins us for a conversation on what OSHA and other regulatory agencies are focusing on for 2022.

the safety meeting chris fanning 2
The Importance of ESG Initiatives: An Interview with KPA’s CEO

In this week’s episode of The Safety Meeting, Sage is joined by KPA CEO, Chris Fanning, to discuss the importance of ESG and how it’s influencing the future of workplace sustainability and compliance.

the safety meeting jade brainard 2
How to Develop Preventative Safety Measures: An Interview with KPA’s Jade Brainard

In this week’s episode we discuss how data and analytics not only help develop preventative safety measures, but also predictive safety measures.

the safety meeting shawn smith
The Future of Training: An Interview with KPA’s Director of Training

Listen to this podcast to learn about results from the recent KPA Client Training Survey and the future of best practices for safety and compliance training.

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