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Food & Beverage

Keeping workers safe is critical for any company, but the stakes are particularly high in the food and beverage industry.

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Effectively Train Your Workforce

Food and beverage organizations frequently employ seasonal workforces, particularly during harvest and production. With frequent worker turnover, ongoing training on safe and effective production is critical—but typically expensive.

KPA provides tools to quickly and effectively train your workforce, making team members productive immediately and saving time and money for your organization.

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Ensure EHS Compliance

Operations managers are responsible for knowing state and federal regulations as well as potential facility hazards. KPA’s risk management and compliance program helps you…

  • Avoid fines
  • Reduce losses
  • Eliminate accidents
  • Focus on production
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Build a Culture of Safety

Food and beverage organizations use hazardous materials for cleaning and processing as well as heavy equipment and machinery for production. This exposes your company to numerous potential incidents and accidents. 

KPA delivers tools that operations managers can use to effectively ensure worker safety and bring heightened awareness to your safety culture:

  • Ensure worker safety
  • Lower experience modifiers, cutting workers’ comp costs
  • Reinforce a culture of safety
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Gain Visibility Into Your Data

Drive process improvement and efficiency—and enhance business performance—by having complete visibility into your data across your organization.

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Automate Processes That Save Time & Money

KPA’s worry-free compliance management solution saves your organization time and money, enabling you to make better-informed decisions about your business.

Audits and Self Inspections

When you need a facility audit, KPA’s experts are ready to help. We also develop custom self-inspection programs, provide training to your team, and facilitate implementation.

Train Your Workforce

KPA’s interactive, award-winning training is designed to help employees improve their skills and performance, driving better compliance outcomes—and ultimately, better business results.

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Paperwork for new personnel used to take over an hour. With KPA’s HR software, it takes five minutes, and we know it’s done right.

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