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EHS compliance software and expertise that helps you track compliance, mitigate risk, and proactively assess and avoid safety risks on upstream, midstream, and downstream activities.

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Companies within the Energy industry are some of the most highly regulated and face unique EHS challenges.

Regulatory scrutiny comes from:

  • The risk for costly environmental disasters from spills, explosions, and leaks
  • Use of heavy machinery, often located in remote areas
  • Hazardous working conditions that increase the risk of accidents and injuries
  • The need for proper safety gear including helmets, footwear, and eye protection
  • Combined, these factors can increase your potential for accidents, safety incidents, fines, and penalties

If maintaining regulatory compliance conjures up horrifying images of piles of paperwork, spreadsheets, forms, audits, and endless work hours – you’re not alone.

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Automate Manual Processes

Shift your attention from manual processes and focus instead on creating and maintaining a culture of safety using KPA EHS. When you spend less time on paperwork, spreadsheets, and reporting you have more time to spend in the field with your team: conducting inspections, audits, safety meetings, and training employees.

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Comprehensive All-in-One Platform

With this insight, program managers have a complete view of safety trends and areas where they can improve.


Log in to complete safety training, access Safety Data Sheets, report incidents, as well as read and attest to policies.


Track inspection results, employee training records, accidents, and overall compliance status.

EHS Managers

View a roll-up of these activities that can be compared across departments or facilities.

And they have the peace of mind that nothing falls through the cracks.

Training Solutions for the Energy Industry

KPA’s training solutions make it easier for employees to get the training they need to improve on the job performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce costly liabilities for your business. 

Access a comprehensive library of online and on-site training for the Energy industry. Course topics cover critical EHS risk areas, including:

  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Hazard Communication
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Personal Protective Equipment
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Reduce Your Total Cost of Risk

Workplace accidents and injuries, workers’ comp costs, and insurance premiums all contribute to your total cost of risk. KPA helps you control those costs by keeping your workforce in compliance with OSHA, DOL, and other regulatory standards.

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KPA EHS makes it hands-down easier for our team to submit safety observations. By leveraging the power of the mobile application, we always have a to-the-minute, clear picture of potential trouble areas.

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