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Keeping workers safe is critical for any company, but the stakes are particularly high in the construction industry.

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The Risk for Accidents and Incidents Lurk Around Every Corner

Beyond regulatory scrutiny from the EPA and DOT, companies face numerous uncertainties:

  • Large and diverse workforces of both direct employees and subcontractors
  • Constantly changing job sites
  • Heavy equipment usage
  • Highly interdependent processes and tasks
  • The need for proper safety gear, including helmets, footwear, and eye protection

Combined, these factors can increase your potential for incidents, fines, and penalties. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle safety and regulatory compliance alone. KPA has the expertise and tools you need to keep your workforce and bottom line protected.

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Automate Manual Processes

Shift your attention away from manual processes and focus instead on creating and maintaining a culture of safety using Vera EHS. When you spend less time on paperwork, spreadsheets, and reporting, you have more time to spend in the field with your team—conducting inspections and audits, holding safety meetings, training employees, and getting your staff up to speed quickly.

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Comprehensive All-in-One Platform

With all your resources in one place, it’s easy to build a compliance culture and reduce risk. KPA’s platform empowers every member of your team.


Log in to complete safety training, access Safety Data Sheets, report incidents, and read and attest to policies.


Track inspection results, employee training records, accidents, and overall compliance status.

EHS Managers

View a roll-up of employees’ activities to compare results across departments or facilities.

With these insights, program managers gain a complete view of safety trends and areas for improvement. They also gain peace of mind—knowing nothing is falling through the cracks.

Compliance Training Solutions for the Construction Industry

KPA’s training solutions make it easier for employees to get the training they need to improve on the job performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce costly liabilities for your business. 

Access a comprehensive library of online and on-site training specifically developed for the construction industry. Course topics cover critical areas of risk including:

  • Fall Protection
  • Trenching Safety
  • Crane Rigging Safety
  • Driver Safety
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Reduce Total Cost of Risk

Workplace accidents and injuries, workers’ comp costs, and insurance premiums all contribute to your total cost of risk. KPA helps you control those costs by keeping your workforce in compliance with OSHA, DOL, and other regulatory standards.

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We know we are hitting on every topic… and when you deliver training in a more professional manner, it reflects positively on your company as a whole.

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