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Compliance can’t happen without training. And success in business can’t happen without a workforce educated in industry regulations, internal policies, safety, ethics, and employment law.

KPA offers award-winning training courses designed to help employees improve their performance on the job. Starting with a solid core of EHS and HR training, companies then layer on industry-specific training packages to fully cover their areas of risk. To reinforce employee comprehension and support different employee learning styles, these training packages are supported by on-site training and a strong technology foundation.

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Sample Training Titles

Check out a sample of our most popular compliance training titles.

Cement Mixer Tip-Over

Online | EHS

In this incident recreation, a cement mixer tips over while traveling on an uneven surface. This tip-over could have been avoided if the driver had been properly trained on the appropriate conditions to drive a cement mixer.

Cement Mixer Tip-Over Safety Recreation

Side Loader Tips Over

Online | EHS

A worker uses a side loader to store product. He neglects to lower the forks and while rounding a corner, the loader becomes unstable and tips over. This incident can be avoided by ensuring a side loader’s forks are lowered while in motion.

Side Loader Tips Over Safety Training Recreation

Truck Struck By A Load

Online | EHS

At a US steel service center, a driver ignores a traffic light in the loading bay and is struck by a load on a crane. The accident could have been avoided had the driver obeyed the traffic light and paid attention to immediate surroundings in the loading bay entrance.

Truck Struck By Load Safety Recreation

Crane Load Falling

Online | EHS

In this incident recreation, an unsecured crane load falls and kills the operator who was standing too close. This fatality could have been avoided if the employee had maintained a safe distance from the crane load.

Crane Load Falls Safety Recreation

Rebar Nearly Strikes Driver

Online | EHS

As a material handler operator was loading rebar into the bed of dump truck, he was almost struck in the head from a piece of rebar that punctured a hole in the truck cab. The driver avoided serious injury because he was wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Rebar Nearly Strikes Driver

Rebar Truck Yard Fatality

Online | EHS

An employee was working in a high traffic area of a rebar manufacturing yard, when he was hit and dragged under a truck resulting in a fatality. This incident shows the importance of paying attention to surroundings, communicating with co-workers and following safety procedures.

Rebar Truck Yard Fatality Incident Recreation

Spanish Content

Many of our HR and Safety courses are available in Spanish, making it easy for you to keep your Spanish-speaking workforce trained and up-to-date, and maximize compliance throughout your organization.

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Industry-Specific Safety Training for Manufacturers

KPA’s Multimedia Training Systems delivers a complete safety training program designed to help prevent injuries and fatalities in the steel, plastics, concrete, and asphalt manufacturing industries.

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