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EHS & Workforce Compliance Training

Compliance can’t happen without training. And success in business can’t happen without a workforce educated in industry regulations, internal policies, safety, ethics, and employment law.

KPA offers award-winning training courses designed to help employees improve their performance on the job. Starting with a solid core of EHS and HR training, companies then layer on industry-specific training packages to fully cover their areas of risk. To reinforce employee comprehension and support different employee learning styles, these training packages are supported by on-site training and a strong technology foundation.

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Sample Training Titles

Check out a sample of our most popular compliance training titles.

Personal Protective Equipment

KPA's self-directed Personal Protective Equipment safety training covers types of PPE, the 5 rules for PPE, and PPE hazard assessment.
Portrait man worker under inspection and checking production process on factory station by wearing safety mask to protect for pollution and virus in factory.

Heat Stress Prevention

What is heat stress and how can you avoid it? KPA's on-site Heat Stress Prevention compliance training explains the causes of heat stress and heat illness and preventive measures; it also covers the requirements for a heat stress prevention program.
heat stressed worker, headache hot weather over heat unhealthy engineer working in heavy industry factory.

Respiratory Protection

Safe respiratory equipment use is essential to protecting our employees. KPA's self-directed Respiratory Protection safety training covers proper hazard controls, when to use a respirator, different types of respirators, and respirator maintenance.
Emergency Respiratory Protection specialist stands inside the building where the accident occurred.

Crane Safety

Cranes are used to lift loads that are dangerous or too heavy for our employees to lift. KPA's industry-specific online Crane Safety compliance training helps train employees to operate these powerful machines safely, be aware of danger zones, and utilize proper rigging techniques for different loads.

COVID-19 General Awareness

Our 5-minute general awareness course on COVID-19 covers tips on how to reduce the risk of contracting the virus by using best practices. These best practices include proper handwashing, social distancing, and avoiding the spread of germs.

Chemical Spills and Leaks

Chemical spills can be costly accidents. KPA's self-directed Chemical Spills and Leaks EHS training covers storing and transporting chemicals, spill prevention, and what to do in the event of a spill.
A close-up shot of a bucket dripping with toxic resin an example for businesses who need to focus on chemical spill and leak compliance training

Confined Space Entry

KPA's industry-specific online Confined Space Entry safety training covers the duties and responsibilities for confined space entry teams.

Defensive Driving

A safe driver is a defensive driver. KPA's industry-specific online Defensive Driving safety training outlines the techniques, strategies, and personal mindset of a safe, defensive driver.
defensive driving concrete

Respiratory Protection

Many hazards present in the workplace require the use of respiratory protection. KPA's on-site Respiratory Protection training engages employees with the process of selecting and maintaining the various types of respiratory protection they may need.
N95 Face Mask

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