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Bloodborne Pathogens

Online | EHS

KPA’s Bloodborne Pathogens online compliance training defines bloodborne pathogens, provides basic fist aid guidelines, and highlights universal precautions employees should use any time they encounter blood in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment and Hearing Conservation

Online | EHS

Most parts of your body can be protected by PPE. KPA’s industry-specific online Personal Protective Equipment and Hearing Conservation illustrates how proper selection, care, and maintenance of PPP and hearing protection is important.

Stop Work Authority

Online | EHS

Stop work authority is a key tool employees can use to help keep each other safe. KPA’s industry-specific online Stop Work Authority compliance training helps employees to identify, eliminate, and control hazards in the workplace and plays a major part in preventing incidents.

Avoiding Sprains and Strains

Online | EHS

KPA shares ergonomic practices for safe working, bending and lifting to prevent strains and sprains in the industry-specific online Avoiding Sprains and Strains safety training.

screen shot of sprains and strains online training

Preventing Lacerations

Online | EHS

Many parts of plastic operations pose laceration risk. KPA’s industry-specific online Preventing Lacerations safety training covers specific strategies for protecting your employees from common laceration hazards.

preventing lacerations safety training

AC 609: Working with MVAC Systems

Online | EHS

KPA’s AC 609: Working with MVAC Systems is an EPA-certified online training course. It provides a general overview of AC 609 MVAC systems, including environmental effects and other hazards. It covers recovering, recycling, and recharging pure refrigerant as well as information on R-1234yf.

AC 609 MVAC Screenshot

Muscle Strain Lifting Pallets

Online | EHS

In this incident recreation, an employee improperly lifts a wooden pallet from the floor causing muscle straIn. This injury could have been avoided if the employee had been trained on proper lifting techniques.

Muscle Strain Safety Incident Recreation Still

Plastic Pipe Truck Yard Fatality

Online | EHS

An employee was directing traffic in a plastic pipe yard. He positioned himself in a blind spot of one of the trucks and was fatally struck. This accident could have been avoided if the employee had stayed a safe distance away from mobile equipment.

Plastic Pipe Truck Yard Fatality Safety Incident Recreation Still

Plastic Pipe Laceration

Online | EHS

An employee notices an incomplete cut in a storm pipe. He climbs onto the side of the cut-off unit with a hand-held saw to complete the cut. He loses balance while operating the saw and lacerates his face. The accident could have been prevented if the employee has invoked his Right to Stop Work, and asked for help from a supervisor.

Plastic Pipe Laceration Safety Incident Recreation Still
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