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Using the Safety Pyramid to Encourage Accountability

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Safety pyramid identifying documented and undocumented safety issues

Ignoring the root causes of incidents that occur within your workplace can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities, sooner if not later. Addressing the underlying issues within your organization is essential to preventing OSHA-recordable workplace accidents and saving lives!

Although less severe incidents occur more often, they are the ones that typically go completely undocumented. According to the workplace Safety Pyramid, sometimes referred to as the Accident Triangle, for every ten thousand unsafe behaviors and hazards that are observed, there will likely be one serious injury or fatality.

The Safety Pyramid compares the frequency of different types of incidents, ranging in severity from generally unsafe behaviors and hazards, to incidents that end in serious injuries or fatalities. While you may not want to spend the time and effort to officially document minor incidents, it is these recurring near misses and unsafe behaviors that reveal the internal problems within the organization. If they go uncorrected, they will eventually lead to major injury. Don’t neglect minor incidents or deem them as insignificant.

Make it a habit to observe, investigate, and document each incident thoroughly – no matter how minor. The Safety Pyramid is a reference tool that can help to encourage an effective safety culture within your organization and promote accountability throughout the workplace.

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Watch a short video on the safety pyramid:

Safety Pyramid Video Play

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