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Top 5 Safety Articles of 2022

Toby Graham /
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Can you believe we’re wrapping up 2022?!? What’s seemed like a whirlwind of months doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down any time soon.

I bet you’re as busy as I am, so let me save you some time.

I’ve pulled together a short list of must-reads for you based on what your peers are reading on the KPA blog. While we’re incredibly proud of the articles we share on a weekly basis, there are only so many hours a day. It’s hard to stay up to speed on all of them. We get it.

Here’s what your peers are reading.

21 Great Topics to Cover at Safety Meetings

What safety topics should you be covering to ensure workforce safety & compliance? Here are 21 options for your next safety meeting.

4 Keys to a Solid Safety Audit and Inspection Program

Feeling overwhelmed by safety audits and inspections? Let’s make it easy. These are the 4 basic components of any comprehensive assessment of an EHS program.

OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Violations of 2022

Use OSHA’s Top 10 Violations to help your organization prioritize workforce safety and compliance initiatives for a safer workplace.

Fall Protection: Avoid the Most Common OSHA Violation

Falls are the #1 reason employees get hurt or killed at work. Learn how to keep your workers safe and comply with OSHA’s fall protection and training standards.

How to Use Leading Indicators to Improve Workplace Safety

Data is the best tool you have to reduce workplace risk. Let’s take a look at an important type of safety data – called Leading Indicators, or Predictive Analytics to improve safety at your workplace.

Ok, that should help you stay up to speed.

Here’s to starting off 2023 on the right foot. Thanks to all of you you readers out there. Together, we’re working to make the world a safer place!

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