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Technology & Benefits Communication Across Generations

Kathryn Carlson /
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Each of the four generations currently in the workforce — Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials — have distinct technology preferences. You know this. But, when it comes to benefits communication and enrollment, generational differences and technology factors may reduce employee satisfaction.

What’s more, one-size-fits-all communications work for no one. For example, 72% of Millennials say they’re confused about their employer’s healthcare options. In addition, 70% of employees with a child under age 18 also found their benefits confusing. Overall, 41% of employees feel that the open enrollment process at their company is “extremely confusing.”

What to do? The first step is understanding generational differences. The second step is taking action and making adjustments that fit your organization’s needs.

Generational Use of Technology

Ideas That Work for ALL Generations

  • Know your employees. Encourage generational bridge-building that addresses employees pain points and company goals. Take inventory of employees’ digital skills and plan accordingly.
  • Offer multiple enrollment options. Consider using HR platforms with responsive design capabilities that make signup possible on each generation’s preferred electronic device.
  • Communicate throughout the year. Don’t just talk about benefits right before annual enrollment deadlines, use modern — and brief — formats like blogs and videos to improve the effectiveness of your communications.
  • Break it down. Take unfamiliar or complex health coverage terms and distill them into simple concepts and equations so that employees know what they’re paying for and why.
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