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6 Ways To Help Your Insureds Lower Their Workers’ Comp Premium

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessary operating cost for your insureds. That doesn’t mean it’s a fixed cost. Learn strategies to help your insureds help themselves.
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States that Offer Workers Comp Reductions for Safety Programs

Your state might allow you to claim a discount on your workers’ comp expenses—but you need to have a good workplace safety program in place.
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How To Handle a A Workers' Compensation Claim and FMLA

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This January we're covering hot HR topics for 2020. One area is accommodation laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act. Question: Does an employee have to use FMLA at the same time as workers’ comp time?
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Workers’ Compensation Claim or Wrongful Termination Suit—Take Your Pick

An auto dealer is facing a wrongful termination lawsuit for allegedly firing an employee after she mentioned the possibility of filing a workers’ comp claim.
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The Exception to Post-accident Drug Testing

In a monthly series, our HR Experts take on frequently asked questions. This month: We suspect an employee who claimed a work-related injury is using marijuana. Can we test them?
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The “Indirect” Costs of an Accident Are Higher than the Immediate Expenses

Between ex-mods and OSHA’s calculations, a single workplace accident can cost your organization a cool (well, not so cool) $25,000. Let’s break down how.
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Finding Your Biggest Risk Areas: Demographic Data Can Give You a Clue

Want to save money? Pay attention to your organization’s demographics—they tell a story about workplace injuries and workers’ compensation costs.
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Calculate How a Better EHS Approach Could Lower Your Workers’ Comp Premiums

The average KPA client achieves an experience modifier of 90% by the 2nd year of using the platform. What does that translate to in actual savings? Find out here.
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8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Lower Your Workers’ Comp Premium

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Workers comp insurance is expensive—but it’s not a fixed cost. Lower your ex-mod and you’ll lower your premium. Here are a few practical ways to do just that.
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