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How to Grow and Retain Your Insured Base

See how KPA’s Risk Management Center (RMC) is the perfect value-added solution brokers need to:

Help clients proactively manage risk and mitigate claims, losses, and associated costs.
Set themselves apart from the competition.
Grow and retain their insured base during renewals.

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Best Practices From a Safety Pro

Oh, the things a safety consultant sees! Learn from a safety pro how to build an effective safety program and create a safety culture that sticks.
In this webinar from EHS Daily Advisor, sponsored by KPA, you’ll learn from KPA’s expert, Zach Pucillo as he shares the most common errors he sees while auditing facilities and the recommended best practices to keep your workforce safe, your company compliant, and your risk profile low.

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safety pro's wear personal protective gear: gloves, hard hats, gloves, steel toed boots, and eye covering.
Best Practices to Creating and Delivering Engaging Training Content

We all know bad training when we see it. Boring, repetitive, confusing, seemingly pointless. When it comes to training around topics like safety, lives can literally be on the line. So, how do you create and deliver training content that is actually engaging and effective?

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OSHA Reporting & You

KPA’s OSHA Reporting & You. When it comes to OSHA reporting, there are a lot of requirements to remember. Not following them can be an expensive mistake.

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