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Get Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are a considerable concern for many of our customers. But without much to do to fight a hurricane or any other natural disaster head-on, the best thing that safety managers can do is stay one step ahead of the next big one.
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Preparing and Responding to Disaster: Flood Edition 

We've gathered some best practices for preparing for and responding to the hazards encountered in flooding disasters. Keep your employees and facilities safe.
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Is Your Dealership Prepared for a Fire, Hurricane, or Other Natural Disaster?

Natural disasters don’t discriminate. They happen year-round and impact automotive dealerships in communities all over the United States. Here’s how to prepare.
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Hurricane Season Is Here: Get Ready for the Flood-Damaged Cars

Dealers / F&I Compliance
Storms like Hurricane Florence not only threaten human life, but have all sorts of secondary consequences—like flood-damaged vehicle disclosures.
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Top Questions and Answers for Employers Affected by the Hurricane Season 

As the East Coast of the U.S. deals with Hurricane Florence, the storm serves as a reminder that employers should be prepared to address storm-related issues if they close their businesses for a period of time and as they prepare to resume normal operations. For example, employers need to determine whether closing the office means having to pay workers who stay home, being on the hook for unemployment compensation and whether workers' compensation applies to weather-related injuries.
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