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Summer Safety Hazards: How to Stay Prepared

Summer isn’t all fun in the sun. Excessive heat, natural disasters, and other safety concerns often rear their ugly heads. Learn summer safety tips
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Quick Q&A - Are technicians allowed to wear shorts?

Short answer is maybe. Dealers will have to determine the hazards posed to their technicians before making this decision. Here are some things to consider.
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Curbing Heat Illness: An Interview with KPA's Micah O'Shaughnessy

Construction / EHS / Podcast
This week on The Safety Meeting, Sage and Micah discuss preparing for the hot summer months by understanding the signs of heat illness and implementing basic precautionary measures to prevent it in the first place.
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OSHA Announces First-Ever National Emphasis Program for Heat Hazards

Last week, OSHA and the White House formally announced an indoor and outdoor heat illness and injury National Emphasis Program. We're covering what it is, what it means for you, and next steps.
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8 Practical Ways to Plan for and Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

With higher temperatures on the way, here are some practical ways to prevent heat-related illnesses. OSHA pays close attention to heat illness, especially when a case results in hospitalization.
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8 Ways to Avoid Heat Illness—While Preventing COVID-19 Infections

Here are some practical ways to plan for and prevent heat-related illnesses—while continuing to fight against COVID-19 infection in the workplace.
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8 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Cool and Prevent Heat Illness

July 2019 was one of the hottest months on record. With higher temperatures on the way, here are some practical ways to prevent heat-related illnesses.
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