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Summer Dress Code Preparedness

Kathryn Carlson /
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employee dress code

With summer quickly nearing, the temperature is creeping up. If your employees haven’t already changed into their summer wardrobe, they will be soon. Inappropriate apparel can be dangerous and can also create a distraction amongst coworkers. It’s best to review and redistribute your dress code before problems arise.

In order to maintain a professional dealership image, your dress code should be clear, consistent, and safety conscious. It is also wise to address attire that may be discriminatory or religiously offensive. By enforcing a specific dress code, you will increase safety for your employees, preserve productivity, and lower distractions.

Exceptions may be made for religious-based reasons. The exception should be made only for the individual with the religious belief. Ignoring a request for an exception can be viewed as discriminatory.

In some workspaces, such as dealerships, it may be necessary to have multiple dress codes for safety and to promote the image of your dealership. For a dealership this may mean that you need a shop dress code and a sales floor dress code. Whatever the case, make certain that all employees have a policy that ensures their safety and appropriate business attire for their role.

While shorts and sundresses may be appropriate for some dealerships, other dealerships may adhere to a more traditional business dress code. No matter what dress code you define for your dealership, ensure that you have a clear and concise policy to maintain your dealership’s brand image.

Non-compliance must also be reviewed within the policy. Violation penalties should not be left to a manager’s whim. Inconsistencies in handling violations may undermine the policy and could also lead to litigation.

Lastly, make sure that every employee of the dealership has a copy of the policy, especially your managers. Your managers are a valuable tool in circulating and enforcing the dress code policy, so they must fully know and understand the rules.

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