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4 Ways To Improve Your Accident Investigation Process

Amanda Rawls /
Are you well-prepared to respond to a workplace accident quickly, safely, and efficiently? Here are 4 ways to improve your accident investigation process.
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Ask The Expert: Employees Who Refuse to Return to Work

Q: If we’ve had employees refuse to return to work, what should we do about their unemployment?
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Stat of the Week: Political Discussions at Work

Charged political discussions are happening at work whether HR acknowledges them or not. That could mean serious risk for employees and employers.
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COVID-19 Health and Safety Consulting: What to Expect

A workplace health and safety consultant will help you keep up with changing regulations and work to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections among your workforce.
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When Auto Sales Go Online, It’s All About F&I

Dealerships have taken significant steps to adapt to online purchasing. The changes reverberate throughout the organizations, shaking up roles & priorities.
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Pop Quiz: OSHA Top 10

Do you know the most frequently cited OSHA violations? Can you identify why companies often get cited for them? Test your OSHA knowledge with this short quiz.
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Why Is Manufacturing Safety Important?

Why is manufacturing safety important? What is safety in the manufacturing industry? Learn the basics of workplace safety in manufacturing with this article from KPA.
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The Pros and Cons of Running In-House Safety Audits

Conducting safety audits - there are lots of ways to approach the topic. We’ve got some pros and cons to weigh when deciding your course of action.
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Manufacturing Safety: OSHA’s Top 5 Most Frequent Violations

Is your company at risk for any of the most common OSHA manufacturing safety violations? Find out if your compliance & risk management program is doing the job.
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I-9 Fines Increase While California Expands "Red Flag" Law

This month we've rounded up 6 changes from the federal government including increased I-9 fines and employer's rights to discipline employee conduct. Meanwhile, California changes the red flag law related to gun violence, and Colorado, New York, Illinois, and South Carolina make other HR-related regulatory changes.
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OSHA Top 10

Do you know everything you need to know about the 10 most frequently cited Occupational Health and Safety Administration standards?
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Sales F&I Compliance

Are you up to speed on the latest Sales and F&I regulations? This series aims to keep you on top of all the changes.
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