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7 Benefits of a Successful Housekeeping Program

Toby Graham /
Housekeeping isn’t just good for your people and your soul—it’s good for your bottom line. How does cleanliness mean money? Let’s count the ways.
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Calculating the Cost of Workplace Injuries, OSHA-Style

To help employers understand the economic impact of employee health and safety accidents, OSHA has created a handy calculator. We decided to give “$afety Pays” a $pin and see if workplace injuries really cost as much as OSHA would have you believe.
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The ROI of EHS: Key Takeaways from the 2019 State of the Industry Survey

State of the Industry: EHS Program Trends explores environment, health, & safety programs through the lens of bottom-line organizational impact—the ROI of EHS.
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How Employers Can Manage Coronavirus Anxiety and Safety

In the face of a pandemic, coronavirus anxiety has steadily increased in the U.S. We have safety and human resources (HR) guidance to help employers manage the anxiety and risk at work.
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OSHA Wiring and Electrical Safety: What You Need to Know

Electrical issues related to wiring are one of the most dangerous workplace hazards—and one of the most common OSHA violations. Here’s what you need to know.
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March 2020: California Releases Coronavirus Guidance And More

Every month we break down California's regulatory changes. This month California released coronavirus guidance in addition to employer security screenings.
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Use the 5S System to Keep Your Facility Clean, Safe, and Efficient

Here’s how to practice good housekeeping with the 5 S Principles (also known as the 5S System, or 5S), a lean business methodology for workplace organization.
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Dealerships Win Big in Military Lending Act Victory

Dealers F&I Compliance
Last week, the US Department of Defense announced it would withdraw Q&A 2 from its December 2017 Interpretive Rule about the Military Lending Act (MLA).
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Exploring Vera Suite: KPA’s Powerful New EHS & Workforce Compliance Platform

Vera Suite is an all-in-one EHS and workforce compliance software platform—the most advanced solution on the market. Learn all about KPA’s new software
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Spring Cleaning: How Housekeeping Can Keep Your Workers Safe and Save You Money

Clutter and mess create unnecessary hazards for workers—as well as major headaches for executives if OSHA comes to visit. Here’s why housekeeping matters.
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OSHA Top 10

Do you know everything you need to know about the 10 most frequently cited Occupational Health and Safety Administration standards?
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Sales F&I Compliance

Are you up to speed on the latest Sales and F&I regulations? This series aims to keep you on top of all the changes.
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