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KPA Launches Sales & Finance Compliance Solutions for Dealerships

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KPA, a leading provider of automotive dealership management software and services, has launched a new product line that combines efficient software, comprehensive content and on-demand expert advice to help dealerships follow sales and finance best practices and ensure their business complies with Federal and State regulations.

“Today’s dealers face increasingly complex compliance requirements as regulatory agencies revisit and refine their enforcement priorities,” said Vane Clayton, CEO for KPA. “Dealers who are cited with violations from government agencies are getting the spotlight in this national conversation, which has brought an unprecedented focus on dealer sales and finance operations. In the current regulatory environment, even inadvertent missteps can be shockingly costly.

“With multiple employees involved in presenting prices and payment information to consumers – such as sales consultants negotiating with a customer or social media managers posting an advertisement – it’s essential that the entire organization is knowledgeable in order to avoid potential fines, civil lawsuits and reputation damage.”

KPA’s Sales & Finance Compliance Management System gives everyone who works with a customer during the shopping and purchase process instant access to crucial regulatory data, forms and processes. As a result, all dealer staff can assess and reduce risk at every step of the selling process, from the first interaction with a customer in the showroom to final paperwork in the F&I department.

Online employee training consists of comprehensive materials and self-paced courses that are available on-demand to accommodate busy dealership employees. A Learning Management System allows dealership human resource managers, sales managers or other staff administrators to track employees’ progress as well as ensure the entire dealership team is always up to speed on the latest regulations and best practices.

The subscription-based service also includes an extensive content library of reference materials and guides that keep dealerships informed on the maze of regulations that impact their business. The KPA Sales & Finance Compliance software allows dealers to create and update customized policies and procedures specific to their operation.

In addition to online training and compliance management tools, KPA experts can provide in-person training as well as on-site auditing and consulting services. This assists dealerships in catching errors and avoiding costly legal actions and damage to their valuable reputations.

To learn more about KPA and its complete portfolio of service offerings, visit or call 866.365.1735.

About KPA

KPA delivers Environmental Health & Safety, HR Management and Sales & Finance Compliance programs that help our clients achieve regulatory compliance, control risk, protect their assets and effectively manage people through a combination of innovative software, award winning training and onsite consulting. Over 5,200 clients, including 8 out of 10 of the largest dealership groups in the country, count on KPA for Environmental Health & Safety, HR Management and Sales & Finance Compliance programs. KPA has been endorsed by 26 dealer associations at both the national and state level.

To learn more, visit or call 877.877.2114.

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