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KPA Joins the California Fuel Cell Partnership

Simon Kvilhaug /

KPA was recently invited to become a member organization of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP).

The Partnership is a collaboration of cross-sector organizations, including public sector entities, private sector companies, and non-profit organizations. These organizations are dedicated to furthering the progress of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology and promoting fueling, supporting infrastructure, and encouraging mainstream acceptance of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel source. Their ultimate goal is to substantially reduce carbon emissions. The members of this organization have dedicated themselves to Hydrogen and the method of utilization, where the only exhaust is in the form of clean and environmentally friendly water. Their mission statement reads: “The California Fuel Cell Partnership is committed to promoting fuel cell vehicle commercialization as a means of moving towards a sustainable energy future increasing energy efficiency and reducing or eliminating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.”

KPA’s connection to this movement, and involvement in this collaborative organization, goes further than their extensive experience and expertise in automotive compliance. Organizations in the industry have asked the question “How do you service a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle in a safe and compliant manner?” KPA, with their industry partners, have engineered and implemented a Hydrogen Service Bay system to answer this question. KPA also brings an intimate knowledge of the auto dealership, an integral part of the process to deliver this technology to consumers, and making these vehicles widely accepted and accessible.

We look forward to sharing our expertise in these areas with other partnership members, and filling in some of the gaps along the path to reduce carbon emissions. At KPA, our Company Vision states: “Better Workplace. Better Workforce. Better World.” Our work with the California Fuel Cell Partnership is directly in line with this vision, and our efforts to create a Better World.

If you would like to know more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, and the supporting infrastructure surrounding this emerging technology, contact our Renewable Energy Project Manager, Simon Kvilhaug, at

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