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KPA HR Newsletter — June 6, 2019

Emily Hartman /

2019 Mid-Year Minimum Wage Increases — Read More

Several states, cities, and counties will increase minimum wage starting July 1, 2019. Check which amounts, effective dates, and rates apply to your business.

June 2019 Regulatory Updates — Read More



Ask the HR Expert — Get the Answer

Q: When I’m planning to terminate an employee, when does the final check need to be ready/presented?

Are You Ready for “The Talk?” — Read More

An employee isn’t working out and you need to terminate him/her. We have a list and infographic of ways to prepare for “the talk.”

FREE HR Webinars — Register Now

KPA is your source for HR insights galore! Sign up for this upcoming webinar and others.

For Better or Worse: Handling Terminations & Layoffs
Tuesday, June 25
11:00 a.m. MDT

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