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You’ve Got Millennials Figured Out… Wrong

Kathryn Carlson /

Working with Millennials, individuals age 27 or younger, often proves challenging for older generations — traditionalists, Baby Boomers and even GenXers, who are closest in age to Millennials.

But it’s time for us to understand what divides us. Results and success are at stake.

Millennials now represent the LARGEST GENERATION — 75.4 million strong. (Baby Boomers come in second at 74.9 million.)

Different Generations Different Motivations chart

Combating Common Millennial Myths

Many of the misconceptions about Millennials in the workplace don’t bare out statistically despite the one-off horror stories some organizations have encountered.

Myth #1: They need CONSTANT attention.

While it’s true that Millennials desire regular feedback and mentoring, they also invest themselves. They’re ‘always connected’ and will continue checking work email after they leave the office. They want to be trusted to get the work done but they’ll do it unconventionally and flexibly perhaps.

Myth #2: They’re entitled.

Millennials want work to have meaning and personal connection. Helping employees understand the big picture of what your company does and how their day-to-day efforts support its success not only help Millennials, but also other generations stay motivated and perform better.

Myth #3: They’re lazy.

A YPulse survey stated 77% of millennials feel they can be more productive with flexible schedules. Just because they’re not in the office, doesn’t mean they’re slacking off. What’s more research from Bentley University found more than half of millennials are willing to work long hours and weekends to achieve career success.

Finding Common Ground

Despite clear differences, a IBM Institute for Business Value study revealed that all the generations have similar career aspirations, needs and attitudes overall. For example, Millennials value financial security, inspiring leadership, clear business strategies and performance-based recognition and promotions, but so do all of the other generations!

Bottom line: Creating a workplace where all ages can thrive boosts employee engagement and ultimately results.

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