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New Regulatory Actions Should Remind Dealers to Review Compliance Procedures (Part 2)

Customer RSS - F&I California
In the second part of this series, we're focusing on the FTC action against a Washington, D.C. dealership group that allegedly used deceptive advertising and discriminatory actions. There are lessons we can all take away from this lawsuit.
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What are some unexpected uses for KPA EHS Software? KPA customers enlightened us.

We asked KPA customers,"When you first started using KPA EHS software, what was an unexpected use for you?" Here's what they said.
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5 Facts About OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Outreach Training

Brokers / EHS
OSHA calls it a “voluntary program,” but it’s mandatory in many locations and industries. Here’s what you need to know about 10- and 30-hour Outreach Training.
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laptop user in virtual environment.

Safety Audits vs. Safety Inspections: What’s the Difference?

Safety audits and inspections are distinct from each other in 2 key ways. Knowing the difference is critical to keeping your workers safe and minimizing risk.
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employee ehs training

Keeping Frontline Workers Engaged in Safety: An Interview with KPA’s Jade Brainard

EHS / Podcast
In this episode of The Safety Meeting, we’re joined by Jade Brainard, Product Director at KPA, to discuss fostering a culture of safety and measuring engagement through practical, relevant, and interactive tools and approaches.
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How to Establish ESG Reporting and Transparency: What to Consider

Organizations can strengthen their ESG programs by capitalizing on the data they already have. Learn to use this data to pinpoint improvement areas.
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Three Reasons Why Safety Training is a Smart Investment

Safety training isn't just mandatory—it's an essential investment for your company. Find out the 3 reasons why you should prioritize it.
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Top OSHA Violations for Construction - Let's Take a Look at the Top 5

Construction / EHS
Is your company at risk for any of the most common OSHA manufacturing safety violations? Find out if your safety program is doing the job.
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Learn OSHA's Top Citations in the Construction Industry

OSHA Reporting: What You Need to Know Before the 2023 Deadline

March 7, 2023 - KPA's Zach Pucillo, CSP, CHMM, talks to Jay Kumar about everything OSHA reporting related.
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