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New Laws and Regulations 2021

New California laws and regulations that may impact dealer operations in 2021.
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What's Hot on the Hotline? 10-Day Right to Cancel

We review a dealer's cancellation rights and provides information on what can be done after the 10-day rescission period has expired.
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Safeguarding Vehicle Inventory

When we're stressed we make simple mistakes. Robert Ebin reminds us of the most common mistakes and some best practices for safeguarding your vehicles.
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DMV Alert Updates

We've rounded up the latest changes from the California DMV that you need to know.
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What's Hot on the Hotline? Taking Vehicles In On Trade

The Hotline has seen an uptick in calls about trade-in vehicles. We've pulled together a review of best practices of trade-ins.
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New v. Used—The Age-Old Conundrum Revisited

"Is this a new or used vehicle?" A simple question with a sometimes not so simple answer that could have dire consequences.
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A dealer group in Arizona and New Mexico settled with the FTC - requiring them to cease all business operations AND pay an eye-popping judgment of $7,203,227.
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Update on FTC Action Against Arizona and New Mexico Auto Group

An FTC complaint we covered a few years ago has recently settled. We're reviewing what happened, the settlement, and lessons learned for your dealership.
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Demonstrator FAQs

We're reviewing the most frequently asked questions about demo vehicles, everything from when a vehicle is placed into demonstrator service, and then taken out and offered for sale.
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