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How can a formal incident reporting system help your company?

Eric Schmitz /
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While employers frequently have the opportunity to review their employees’ productivity through annual reviews, one-on-ones, and disciplinary action, it is much harder for an employee to provide their own feedback comfortably. Why is this? Fear of retaliation often stops employees from vocalizing their grievances, despite the fact that punishment of an employee for submitting a complaint is an illegal activity. Not only does this fear influence the employee, it also can impact employer profits. A recent survey found that small companies with good employee management practices had profits 23 percent higher than companies that did not. This means that if you provide your employees with a method to vocalize their concerns, your bottom line will be less likely to suffer.

Unfortunately, many employers do not have a formal incident reporting system. As much as 35 percent of employees stated in a recent report that they either do not have a formal way to complain, or do not know how to file an incident. A simple solution to this problem is to implement a web-based formal incident reporting system (otherwise referred to as a formal complaint system). Web-based HR information systems (HRIS) are ideal for submitting complaints as they are secure, well organized, and completely automated. In addition, HRIS systems offer additional tools to help HR team members address the incidents legally. These solutions include:

Incident Records Management: Documentation is imperative for HR, especially in regards to incidents. A good HRIS system allows HR to upload a copy of the signed incident, or allows the employee to sign an electronic incident with a digital signature.

Incident Tracking: An HRIS system should lead HR through the steps of the incident investigation. Common features include automatic reminders, email integration, messaging capabilities and employee performance notes.

Anonymous or Confidential Reporting: Employees should be able to choose how they want to report an incident. This allows them to feel safe when reporting incidents or to be vocal if they so choose.

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