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What’s Hot on the Hotline? – Supplemental Price Stickers

With an ever-changing landscape, we're revisiting the topic of supplemental price sticker best practices, advertising issues, and their use with used vehicles.
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California Orders Closures, Again

Governor Newsom recently ordered the closure of certain businesses throughout California, are dealers affected?
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Driver’s License Extensions

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we've consistently received questions about driver's licenses, specifically extensions to license expiration dates and vehicle delivery. We're answering all of those questions here.
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Revisiting the 7,500 Mile Rule

As dealers try to find creative ways to increase inventory levels, we've started to see an increase in questions about the 7,500 Mile Rule. So, what is it? Why should you care?
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Another FTC Crackdown on Automotive Ads

The FTC has been taking legal action against COVID-19-related advertising schemes, including auto dealers and their ad firms. A recent case provides some key takeaways you need to know.
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What's Hot on the Hotline? Sales Tax Misconceptions

The Hotline has been getting several sales tax questions, so we're diving into some misconceptions that have come up during these calls.
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The FTC Is at It Again – $1.5 Million Settlement With Auto Dealer

Despite a global pandemic, the Federal Trade Commission does not appear to be slowing down. It recently announced a $1.5 million settlement with a dealership and its general manager. We'll breakdown the case and lessons learned.
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COVID-19 Legal Updates for Vehicle Sales in California

We broadly cover the DMV’s recent memorandum regarding online sales and remote deliveries as well as the status of in-person sales at dealerships in California.
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What's Hot on the Hotline? Autobrokers and Salesperson Licenses

As dealers respond to the changing regulations during this COVID-19 crisis, we can't forget other compliance issues that may seem minor in comparison. Check out our FAQs on autobrokers and salesperson licenses.
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