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DMV Alerts — Updates

The DMV issued updated guidance clarifying online sales and off-site deliveries of vehicles.
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Sales Tax Exemption Myths Revisited

Tax season seems to bring an uptick in Hotline calls about customers with different sales tax exemptions. Let's dispel some of the more common sales tax exemption myths that we regularly come across.
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Revisiting Best Practices to Avoid Prior Undisclosed Accident Damage Claims

It's time to battle an age-old foe in the industry: customer complaints regarding purported undisclosed prior accident damage. How can we prevent this from happening?
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Disclosing Negative and Retained Equity on 553

A customer has a trade-in but they want to retain some equity from the trade. How do you disclose the arrangement and negative trade equity on the contract?
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What’s Hot on the Hotline?—Non-Franchise Dealers Attempting to Purchase New Vehicles

What do you do when another dealer (who doesn't have your franchise) wants to purchase a new vehicle from you and insists they don't have to pay sales tax?
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New Laws and Regulations 2021

New California laws and regulations that may impact dealer operations in 2021.
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What's Hot on the Hotline? 10-Day Right to Cancel

We review a dealer's cancellation rights and provides information on what can be done after the 10-day rescission period has expired.
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Safeguarding Vehicle Inventory

When we're stressed we make simple mistakes. Robert Ebin reminds us of the most common mistakes and some best practices for safeguarding your vehicles.
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DMV Alert Updates

We've rounded up the latest changes from the California DMV that you need to know.
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