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Ask the HR Expert — Strictly California, September 2017

Jill Schaefer /
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Return to work

Q: We’re based in California and want to limit modified duty to a 90-day maximum. However, I want to ensure it’s rolled out correctly company-wide? Help!

Can you please advise me on how to implement a return to work program in California?

A: Implementing new policies and procedures, especially in California, requires communication and extra commitment from company leadership. Here is what I recommend you do.

  • Enlist your organization’s leadership to work with you or identify a program champion and a subject matter expert (SME) for the program.
  • Identify who needs to be trained on the new program and the depth of training they should receive.
  • Include managers in the training sessions so they fully understand the new process for work-related injuries, their responsibility as managers, and who their point of contact will be. Manager should also be given a plan of action on how to communicate this program to employees.
  • Front line managers should then hold meetings with employees to help hem fully understand the guidelines of the new program and their responsibility in the return to work program.
  • Post information about your new program in break areas or other high traffic areas to draw attention to the program.
  • Issue a brief survey once training has been completed to measure success and gauge employees’ knowledge retention.

Additional Resource:
California’s Practical Guidance on Return to Work Programs

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