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KPA’s online, on-site, and on-call resources help clients automate manual processes, reduce the total cost of risk, and manage safety in one comprehensive platform.

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Thousands of dealers nationwide, including 8 of the top 10 dealership groups, rely on KPA’s expertise.

Our automotive-specific proficiency and content provide consistent and reliable EHS, human resources, and sales and F&I compliance solutions:

  • Facility audits
  • Deal jacket audits
  • EHS program management
  • Online and on-site compliance training
  • Hiring, onboarding, and employee retention tools
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Industry-Specific Expertise

Ensuring workforce safety and preventing environmental liabilities is crucial to every service center’s operations. KPA’s online, on-site, and on-call resources help clients:

  • Accurately identify risks
  • Determine necessary actions to meet EPA, OSHA, DOL, and DOT requirements
  • Ensure organizational compliance
  • Effectively manage HR activities including hiring and training
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Automate Manual Processes

Shift your attention away from manual processes and focus instead on creating and maintaining a culture of safety using Vera Suite. When you spend less time on paperwork, spreadsheets, and reporting, you have more time to spend in the field with your team—conducting inspections and audits, holding safety meetings, training employees, and getting your staff up to speed quickly.

Compliance Training Solutions for the Automotive Industry

KPA’s training solutions make it easier for employees to get the training they need to improve on the job performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce costly liabilities for your dealership. 

Access a comprehensive library of online and on-site training specifically developed for the automotive industry. Topics address a wide range of risk areas at your dealership or collision center including Environment, Health and Safety, Human Resources, and Sales F&I.

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Not Just for Auto Dealers

KPA’s company legacy and EHS, HR, and F&I expertise and was developed because we’ve partnered closely automotive dealerships for over 30 years. Over the decades as KPA grew, and we were able to share our best practices and knowledge with dealerships and organizations across similar, but unique, industries.

Whether you are an RV and motorhome dealership, a collision and repair center, or another similar business, KPA is here to help ensure that your industry’s standards and regulations are followed so you can focus on running your business. KPA improves workforce safety while mitigating liabilities—crucial to operations across the board. We work with diverse industry clients including:

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What We Do Best

Control Risk, Streamline Processes, Increase Profits

Regulatory compliance and loss control are complex, high-stakes undertakings. Our SaaS-based solution ensures peace of mind—and more hours to focus on your business.

Gain Visibility Into Your Data

Drive process improvement and efficiency to enhance business performance with complete visibility into compliance data across your organization.

Automate Processes, Save Time, and Money

KPA’s worry-free compliance management solution saves your organization time and money, enabling you to make better-informed decisions about your business.

Perform Audits and Self-Inspections

When you need a facility audit, KPA’s experts are ready to help. We also develop custom self-inspection programs, provide training to your team, and facilitate implementation.

Conduct Interactive Training

KPA’s interactive, award-winning training is designed to help employees improve their skills and performance, driving better compliance outcomes—and ultimately, better business results.

Transform Your Compliance

Minimize risk, maximize profits. KPA’s comprehensive and integrated program enables you to implement best practices and better run your operations. 

We feel that with having KPA’s software in house, we can develop sound policies and procedures that will protect us while we concentrate on the business of selling and servicing vehicles for our customers and generating revenue.

John Strain, Controller, Warrenton Toyota

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