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Audits & Inspections

Identify potential risks and address them before they result in injury—and the citations, fines, lawsuits, and workers’ compensation claims that follow.

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Address issues before an incident occurs.

Use Vera EHS audit and inspection tools to uncover issues and address them with corrective and preventive actions before an incident occurs. Once you log an issue in Vera EHS, you will see the associated citation and state/federal regulatory requirement, as well as KPA’s recommended steps for resolution.

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EHS Checklist

Your business is subject to many operational, regulatory, and compliance risks. This checklist itemizes some of the documents, training, and procedures that are required by many state and federal agencies
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Vera EHS Audit & Inspection Tools

  • Quickly deploy pre-built audit checklists
  • Schedule ongoing or ad-hoc inspections
  • Capture, assign, track, and report on issues to head off incidents or accidents before they occur
  • Ensure accuracy with photographic documentation
  • Identify the highest areas of risk in your organization
  • Prioritize and track actions needed to resolve high-exposure risks
  • Access hundreds of policies, guidelines, and other tools for addressing issues at the moment of identification

On-Site Audits & Inspections

KPA also provides on-site audit and inspection services. Working at your facility, your local KPA Risk Management Consultant will identify potential environmental and safety risks and help you determine the necessary actions to meet EPA and OSHA requirements to avoid citations and potential legal action.
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KPA’s EHS management solutions help keep me organized with compliance issues that need attention. 

Matthew P. – Parts Manager

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